Virtual Test Drive Office 2007

Tired of the old fashioned (and oh so very familiar) toolbar menus in Word? I don’t know, maybe you’re feeling a need to learn a whole new world of ribbons.

Start by reading a roundup of what five of our top editors have to say in Microsoft Office 2007: A Worthy Upgrade. It’s a hefty article that will give you insight into what to expect in the new version.

After you read the article, I bet you’ll want to try it yourself.

A hands-on test drive is just the thing to help you decide whether it’s worth the $239 upgrade. Go to the Test Drive Microsoft Office page and take it for a spin. It’s a virtual, online sandbox where you can play with any Office product for as long as you want — without downloading it. All you need is a current version of Internet Explorer (6 or 7), a willingness to accept an ActiveX control, and a broadband connection.

And just as with the Vista Test Drive I wrote about recently, your bandwidth — or more possibly, lack thereof — may hinder performance.

A Look at the FutureThe online test drive also gives you a look at the future of Microsoft’s online applications. You think I’m joking? Microsoft’s looking at Google and facing some tough challenges. Here are two articles to give you some perspective: The IDG news service talks about word processing and spreadsheets in Google Refines Online Apps and Michael Lasky take a look at other ways to work online in Your Online Office.

The Whole Office ShebangSome of you with lots of time may want to download a 60 day trial of one of the Office suites. There are plenty to choose from, too. Would you like Office Standard or Office Professional? How about Office Small Business, or maybe the Office Home and Student version.

I can see that look of confusion on your face (it’s the furrowed brow). Check out TackTech‘s handy Comparison Chart to figure out which one’s best for you.

Article by: Steve Bass’s Tips & Tweaks, PC World

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