software not supplied with hardware

Tim was having problems after installing an Original Equipment Manufacturers version of Windows…that he purchased from someone…that was not supplied with the hardware he was using.

From my experience, no matter what problem he has, I will not be surprised: OEM versions of…ANYTHING…CAN BE (and have been) MODIFIED FOR SPECIFIC CONFIGURATIONS (makes, models, and versions). Unless it is a retail (“generic”) version of Windows, as it says on the CD: “…For product support, contact the manufacturer of your PC” (meaning the manufacturer of the PC the CD was supplied with).


“…the warning signs that can help them identify counterfeit or illegal software…Products marked with a phrase, such as ‘For distribution with a new PC only,’ ‘Special CD for licensed customers only,’ ‘Not for retail or OEM distribution’ or ‘Academic price – not for use in a commercial environment’…”

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