Twelve WIIs at Best Buy this Sunday?

For those of you still waiting to get your hands on Nintendo’s little Wii, this coming Sunday may be the day you get lucky. According to an inside source at Best Buy – a surreptitious hero for nerds everywhere – the nationwide retailer will have no less than 12 Wii systems per store that day.

According to a videogame journalist at, those units will sell out faster than Bruce Springsteen’s last concert in New York City. I recommend getting to your local Best Buy EARLY. Bring a chair, some food, and a handheld gaming system, because you may have to wait for a while if you want to be among the first dozen at the door.

If you want to thank someone for this tip, well, you can’t. He has chosen, in true superhero fashion, to fade away into the night after.

Category: Wii, Posted: 07/23/2007 by Eddie Inzauto, GN Writer

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