Windows startup issues

Stan was getting error messages when he tries to shutdown his computer.

My first idea is to disconnect all external devices (except for the mouse, keyboard, and monitor) and see if the messages continue to appear.

Then, check the “System Configuration Utility” to see if it’s in Normal startup.

If it continues, try to boot into Safe mode…and then shutdown. If there are no error messages I suspect there’s some software other than Windows causing problems. You may need to troubleshoot using the “System Configuration Utility”.


Terry was having similar issues with messages from software that load when he boots his computer. Here are some articles that may help:

System Configuration Utility overview

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How to Modify the List of Programs that Run When You Start Windows XP

How to modify the list of programs that run when you start Windows

Here is an update for Windows XP that adds a Tools tab to the System Configuration Utility.

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