The Web Changes

It’s been a nutty week as we decided last weekend to move the TechtalkRadio site from Web.Com to Go Daddy. Part of the decision to move the site came from a price increase at the site we had been with since it was Interland back in 1997. I understand that companies have to pay for new technology but when you get nothing new, it’s time to start looking. One would think that with Offshore Customer service, they could afford to increase the storage, add, we seem to have gained little with the company we had always given high marks to.

Go Daddy is an interesting company as over the last 5 years they have become a giant in Domain Registration. The offered a smaller price compared to Network Solutions and made the process easy and soft on the wallet. We had heard though that GoDaddy was not a company for hosting and your best bet was Domain Registration with Go Daddy and hosting with another company. After trying some hosting of other accounts at 1 and 1, which was a totally awful experience, we decided to give GoDaddy a try.

This was one of the best moves we’ve made! Go Daddy service agents are the easiest to understand and they do their best to help and truly support the product. We also are saving a great deal of money with our hosting which allows us to purchase extras that we didn’t have before. We have gone from a 5GB site to 200GB, not that we have gotten close to the 5GB, upward and forward – this is good to have.

The problems though, came this week, when we finally decided to move the site. After hosting the TechtalkRadio test pages for the last couple of weeks, we decided the speed was just as good as web and the load was handled no problem. Originally we were going to stay with Network Solutions however after some customer service that we couldn’t understand due to the langauge barrier and that had us questioning the answer more then our original question we decided to move the entire package.

Five days later, our site is back up!! The problem came when we had started the process and then realized our Mail Server settings we’re not correct! We went in and adjusted them through the Network Solutions panel, throwing out our DNS information in the middle of the change, when this happens – you can’t do anything till the site is transferred which is 5 days! Luckily it’s done, and the problems are behind us. I just wish we would have looked at GoDaddy sooner and that we would have known about the timing issues when moving the site. Probably our error on a couple of counts.

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