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I’ve been testing out the Alienware for a month now and have not had any real major problems with it… It really is an awesome system and it’s been working great for me. If I had the money, I would buy this big monster machine.
So speaking of BIG… my feet… LOL… by accident knocked into the power cord under the table that the Alienware is sitting on and shut down the system completely. Well, when I went to go start it back up, nothing happened. I shut down the computer and unplug everything from the back, boot it back up… Nothing.
So I’m thinking, “Great, I few more days with the Alienware… and I busted it!!” So, the next thing I do is call the “tech expert” – Andy. He tells me to do the same thing. Unplug, Plug. Still Nothing. The next thing he says is to look for the “CMOSS” jumper on the board. Well, hell if I can find it. I look and look. Can’t see anything that says “CMOSS”. He tells me to power if off and wait.
After that, I decide to call Alienware ALX tech support and PRAY I don’t get anybody from that “place”… you know the one. Thankfully, I don’t. The tech support gentleman walked me through finding the “jumper” to re-set the motherboard. That literally took about 30 minutes. (definitely need some glasses). After finally finding it, he told me how to re-set it. I did that. We plugged the power cord back in, booted the system and then he walked me through the BIOS set up and – viola!!, the computer came back up and is now running beautifully again.
I was on the phone with Alienware ALX tech support for 45 minutes. The tech support gentleman (Antonio from Costa Rica) that helped me was so patient and helpful. So, I’m not only a fan of the Alienware ALX, I am also a fan of their tech support. I asked Antonio if they had a “feedback” form to fill out about the tech support call. He told me to send it to and I would be able to send my feedback for the tech support call.
So, the moral of this story… if you have BIG feet, watch where you’re stretching them!! LOL. But if you do happen to stretch them to far, hopefully, you’ll get the same great help I did!!

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  1. Nice! It is always great when you can troubleshoot and get to the heart of the problem. Watch them feet!

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