Photoshop for Photographers and the Brown Potato

I always love going to these Photoshop seminars… Not for the freebies but to see what exciting things they are going to teach about Photoshop and to bring it back and learn it!

A couple of days before the class I kept thinking… I’m not a photographer, am I actually going to learn anything from this class? Ben Willmore totally “WOWED” me today! I went into the class expecting to gain some BUT not as much as I did.

I was so excited and wowed by the seminar today that I actually joined the NAPP!! Everytime we go, I say I’m going to join and never do and the number one reason… don’t have the money… but this time I thought… I’ll just make it up because it is totally worth the $99 to join. In reality, I only paid $29. They gave me a “free” DVD of my choice. I picked the one I would most likely get the most use from, Adobe Photoshop CS3 & Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 – Creative Integration. A $69.99 Value! With the $99, not only did I get the free DVD, BUT I also got a year’s subscription to Photoshop User, access to NAPP’s members-only online community, discounts on just about everything, and Photoshop Tech Support!! Wow! What an extra-ordinary value for only $99 for 1 year! If I could’ve joined for two years, I would have. With the two year subscription, you received a free DVD AND a free book of your choice, PLUS all of the above.

What I learned the most out of the class today was how to take a “background” image out of a photograph in a couple of simple steps. If I would have known how to do it the way Ben Willmore showed it today, I could have saved myself “hours” of time. Ben also taught me how to bring out the “colors” in a photograph in a variety of different ways.

The hour and a half drive too and from Phoenix for the Kelby Training class was well worth it!! Even the “brown” Potato I got at Wendy’s for dinner. Well, okay, now I’m pushing it. THAT was not worth it! Hey, aren’t Potato’s supposed to be “white” on the inside? I know you’re all answering “yes” to my question. Sooo… How come my potato was BROWN inside? Can you answer THAT one?!! AND the second potato was not that much different from the first one I sent back… That’s right TWO brown potatoes. Where do they get their potatoes from? I was afraid to ask them… But hey, if I get sick tonight, can I sue Wendy’s (j/k)… I’ll definitely know why though!!

All in all it was a great road trip and a relaxed “break” from the daily routine and I came back with more knowledge than I had before…

Next road trip… Anyone?

2 thoughts on “Photoshop for Photographers and the Brown Potato”

  1. Maybe they figured with all that Sour Cream you slathered on that potatoe, you wouldn’t notice it had skin like a rhino and insides like somebody spilled some Aunt Jemimas on it!

  2. (For Photoshop novices like me…) I’m VERY glad I went! I learned more than I expected to. So much so, I’m feelin’ a little “cocky”. I know I need more experience, but after the seminar I think I can do anything with Photoshop…

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