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Chuck, a “headhunter”, called the show to remind us all that resumes need to be scannable (so they can be entered into a database). Here’s some information I found:

Name ONLY on the top line. Address and phone numbers must be below your name.

No italics, bolding, underlining, etcetera (these tend to give the scanner gibberish).

Use standard 10 to 14 point fonts like Times, Palatino, and Helvetica.

It has been suggested to use a sans serif font, such as Arial or Tahoma. These are fonts that do not have the small markings on the edge of each letter (serifs).

Do not use a newspaper-style two column format.

Left justify all text.

Send your resume on 8.5″ x 11″, white paper only.

Fax on “high resolution” setting.

Avoid tabs (use the space bar instead).

Avoid parentheses, brackets, and compressed lines of print.

Resumes must make use of industry “buzz” words which will match what the computer has been trained to look for.


A couple of webpages I viewed were…



Note to Chuck: Have you found a job for us, yet?…

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