can’t burn CDs

“Kathy” called the radio show about her problems creating CDs: her Dell computer crashes during the burning process…

There could be problems and/or incompatibilities with: the software, the hardware, and/or the operating system.

Recently, my problems were due to blank CDs I had purchased years ago. I cannot burn standard audio CD files to these disks from a computer with a DVD/CD burner, but am able to using the CD burner of a different computer.

There CAN BE incompatibilities between some DVD/CD burners and blanks. If you check the documentation of the recorder/computer, and the burning software, they might recommend a specific manufacturer (and type) of blank.

Some manufacturers that are considered to produce quality media are:
Kodak (BASF)
and TDK (3M/Pioneer/Yamaha).

Also, see CD

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