girls gettin’ (more) geeky

After seeing a post from GamerEdie, I thought to share these:

“American women are now ahead of men in activities ranging from streaming on network TV websites, frequent DVR use and casual gaming to participation in social media such as MySpace and Facebook…70% played a PC game in the last month…Among teen girls and young women 12-24, 82% participated and among those 40+, 66% played PC games…Top handhelds and consoles for girls and women were: Sony PS2, Game Boy, Xbox, Nintendo 64 and DS. Women were also more likely to have a Sony PSP than men…African-American women are particularly engaged in console games, with two-in-three participating…”

Femma Geeks Take Charge

No one should be surprised: I remember being aware of many similar reports and predictions YEARS AGO. Those who SHOULD have been marketing to them, and planning to, have chosen to ignore their potential customers…again.

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