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On our radio show, we had talked about how to configure Internet Explorer so it always opens maximized. We received calls with suggestions, and I wanted to post links to articles in our blog. After reviewing the Microsoft website, I sent a message to them (via their website)…


— Original Message —
Subject : I cannot find an article

Message: I am seeking an article on how to configure Internet Explorer so it opens in a maximized position, but one does not seem to exist…


From: “Microsoft Online Customer Service”
Subject: RE: SRX1060333998ID – I cannot find an article


Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service.

I understand that you would like to obtain an article where you can know as how to configure Internet Explorer page so that the page opens with a maximized page. I will assist you regarding this.

As there is no article regarding this, I suggest you to follow the below steps mentioned in Method 1 or 2, to accomplish your task of opening up a maximized Internet Explorer page:

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click one of the window corners and drag it out to completely fill your screen. (Do not use the Maximize button to maximize the window).

3. In Internet Explorer 6, press and hold down either “Ctrl” or “Shift”, Select “Exit” from the “File” menu. (Use the Close button in Internet Explorer 7).

Now when you launch Internet Explorer, it should open in a full window. If it opens in the same small window, repeat the steps but hold down the opposite key in step 3, that is either “Ctrl” or “Shift”.

Method 2:

1. Close all the windows that are opened.
2. Open “My Computer”
3. Open “C” drive > “Program Files” > “Internet Explorer”
4. In this folder, right-mouse click on “iexplorer.exe” (or iexplorer). Now, a popup menu will appear
5. Select “Copy” from the menu. Close the window
6. Right mouse click on desktop. A menu will appear.
7. Select “Paste Shortcut” from the menu. A shortcut will be pasted on the desktop.
8. Right mouse click on the shortcut > select “Properties”.
9. Select Shortcut tab, select “Maximized” in the “Run” field
10. Click on “Apply” and “OK”
11. Restart your Internet Explorer page.

I hope the above answers your question. Should you have any other concern, please write back to us.

Thank you,

Microsoft Customer Service Representative


It’s great that I received a response, but I still think they should write an article about it…

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