New Features

We’re always looking for new features to add to the site. We integrated the Ustream.TV Chat onto the page (It’s a popup) and allows you to chat in our Ustream Chat. I could have set up a website chat on Wyldryde (I did) but then on Sundays we would have two different chats? Not sure what the best way to go is? Thoughts, Suggestions?

Also added the Blog headlines to the front page of the site. I have to post them manually unless anybody knows how to just grab the headlines off the feed.

Will be doing the Morning Show with Rocky and Sue at WKRZ in Wilkes Barre PA. We’ll talk about some cool new tech. I am going to send Rocky a list of possible things to talk about and see what he likes for the listeners. They are great people and have known them for over 15 years!
I’m hoping we can start doing other radio shows around the country and share some cool info on all this tech stuff! I’ll keep ya posted.


3 thoughts on “New Features”

  1. I love the idea of taking TTR on the road and broadcasting from across the country (do you have a gas genie in your pocket or something? LOL)
    As for more than one chat room…IMHO it’s hard enough to follow one set of jabbering geeks, two may be more tech-i-ness than we can follow!

  2. I’m always up for a “TTR Roadtrip”…but then, I don’t do the driving. When we can get our expenses covered, we’re usually out the door!

  3. Wouldn’t that be great! Hitting the road and showing how Alaska uses the internet, computers that are more rugged for the environment. Are they more expensive in Hawaii like Pizza? How does the broadband speeds in Tennesee compare to New York?

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