Today Was on Rocky and Sue

Greetings from Tucson, This morning I was on the Rocky and Sue morning show (WKRZ-FM) from Wilkes Barre PA and did a segment highlighting the Archos 705 WiFi, and the wave bye bye to Windows XP set for June 30th. This farewell to Xp does not mean your XP will stop working, just that Windows will no longer be available for sale. Microsoft will still support XP through mid April 2009. If you are thinking you would like to get a system and want to get it installed with XP, some manufacturers will sell you a system with XP, you want to do it before June 30th. You can listen to the segment with the awesome morning duo here

I then went over to KOLD and did the TV segment where we featured the BlueX Watch and Headphones. Jenny misplaced her MP3 Shuffle and we talked about some options for replacement including the RCA Jet which is also a Bluetooth compatible MP3 device, great for those that want to work out! We’ll have the video posted at later today.

We also showed the Wacom Bamboo tablet which retails for about 79.00.

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  1. Just listened to the .mp3 of your guest cameo 🙂 Niiiiiiiice!
    R & S sound like a cool morningshow team. WTG!

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