cannot see webpages

Rudy was using Internet Explorer, and unable to see webpages…

Microsoft Help and Support Article 926431, “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”, has some great suggestions for when this happens:
Run the Network Diagnostics tool in Internet Explorer
Reset the modem or the router
Use the Delete Browsing History feature
Use the Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) mode
Temporarily disable the Internet security suite or firewall
Test Internet Explorer by using a safe mode startup option that enables networking

Before you consider using System Restore, I suggest you “prepare for the worst”…just in case.

One thought on “cannot see webpages”

  1. If all else fails I would suggest running applications such as Spyware Search and Destroy. This is just to check and see if the systems browser has hijacked. Also helps insure your system is spyware free. Nothing gives you 100% protection out there. Make sure your system has all windows updates installed. Plus keep your antivirus up to date.

    Also any scans done with Spybot should be done in safemode. This will help ensure the majority of infections are not loaded into memory before a scan is to commence.

    I would also suggest backup backup backup of all important documents on CD-Rs or USB mass storage devices such as (Thumb Drives, External Hard Disk). Doing so before catastrophe strikes will lessen the impact of your system being hosed due to Hardware failure, malicious code or a wonky windows update!)

    Example of wonky Windows Update = Vista Service Pack 1

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