Digsby Sweeps in Four of Five Best IM catagories for 2008 IM.About.com awards

This really isn’t a surprise to the Digsby community, that the new upstart’s program would dominate the “Best IM” poll conducted by About.com contributor Brian De Hoyos…That Digsby was beat out by the old timer Yahoo! Messanger 9.0 for “Best IM Experience,” has this user/writer astonished! (they must’ve broadcast a call for help to there millions of users…lucky for them 5590 responded. Wonder what percent of the user base THAT is! LOL)
PERSONALLY I’ve tried all the IM’s out there, at one time or another, and none of them kept my attention for more than a couple of weeks. Boring interfaces, unwanted ads and intrusions, etc., had me sticking to emailing as my online contact resource.
Then along came Digsby…and I was gladly dragged into the online world known as “social networking.” I can track multiple friends in multiple places, simply and seemlessly…and even Twitter to the world, all from one convenient UI.
Congratulations Digsby and the team at dotSyntax, LLC for this awesome program.

2 thoughts on “Digsby Sweeps in Four of Five Best IM catagories for 2008 IM.About.com awards”

  1. Wow 🙂 I read TechtalkRadio’s blog constantly–and now I am mentioned!!! That is too cool, guys 🙂 Keep up the good work!


  2. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog Brandon! Congrats from the entire team!

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