Falcon Northwest’s portable FragBox 8500 gaming rig gets reviewed

Oh yeah, you’ve options oozing everywhere for a bona fide gaming desktop that takes up some serious square footage in your domicile, but what about those looking for a potent portable? And we’re not talking laptops, either. Falcon Northwest’s FragBox 8500 — which sports a chassis that hasn’t changed much in years — was recently reviewed by the folks over at PC Magazine, and put simply, it was deemed a “game system without apologies.” Checking in at $1,895, critics found the internals to be “neatly put together,” the unit as a whole satisfactorily mobile and yes, they confirmed that “you will definitely be able to play the DX10-heavy versions of Crysis and World in Conflict at very decent frame rates.” Did you hear that? They said Crysis. Head on down to the read link for the full review of the Editors’ Choice-awarded machine.

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