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On our radio show, we have talked about how to copy and backup AOL files…

I’m using AOL 9 on a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4034 that has Microsoft Windows XP and 2 GB RAM installed, because when I had the AOL Desktop installed it seemed to slow the system.

When using AOL version 9, I found I cannot use my AIM and myAddress accounts with it.

Below is some information I found at


For all versions of AOL 9, you can access your personal storage folders by going to your Mailbox and then by clicking the Manage Mail tab.

Note: You must be signed off of the AOL service in order to back up your Filing Cabinet.

To back up the contents of your Saved on My PC (Filing Cabinet) folder (all versions of AOL 9):
1. Click the Mail menu, then click Mail Settings.
2. In the Mail Settings window, click the Manage Saved Mail button, and then click Backup.
3. In the Backup Your Filing Cabinet window, click the Backup Now button.
4. Click the Save button.


If you are running the AOL Desktop software, you can import the Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) from an earlier version of the AOL software…

(FROM SLICK: Warning…I have never been able to complete the following instructions…the “Import AOL Filing Cabinet” option has never been available…it has always been “grayed-out”…all of my attempts have failed.)

You can import a copy of your Personal Filing Cabinet from AOL 9 into the AOL Desktop software.
1. Launch the AOL Desktop software.
2. On the AOL Toolbar, click the Mail icon, if required sign in with your AOL screen name and password.
3. On Mail window, click the Settings menu, then click Import AOL Filing Cabinet.
4. Click the Continue button.
5. Click the OK button.

In AOL Desktop software you can access your personal storage folders by clicking the Mail icon on the AOL toolbar, then click the On My PC option, and then select the folder you wish to see.

Notes: On your AOL Desktop software, all your mails are stored in a common file, the path to that file is:
For Windows XP, it is C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\Local Settings\Application Data\AOL\UserProfiles\1151515100 (this number can change from computer to computer) \xxxxx.mail\cls.
For Windows Vista, it is C:\Users\yyyyyy\AppData\Local\AOL\UserProfiles\1196358243 (this number can change from computer to computer) \xxxxx.mail\cls.
In the above mentioned paths, xxxxx stands for your screen name and yyyyyy is your Windows user name in your computer.


Manually backup and transfer your Personal Filing Cabinet on AOL Desktop

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