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We have had discussions about social networking sites: which ones are best for types of networking, which ones are best for “adults”, etcetera…

Friendster was (and may be) the largest “global online social network…adults, 18 and up…”

Orkut, run by Google, has a lock on Brazil and also eats up a big portion of the market in India. Hi5 is big in Latin America…

From a 2006 report:
“ has the broadest appeal across age ranges, has created a niche among the college crowd, attracts a higher percentage of adults, and is most popular among younger teens…”

“… has a younger user profile, with 20 percent of its users in the 12-17 age range, about twice as high as that age segment’s representation within the total Internet audience…More than one-third (34 percent) of visitors to are 18-24 years old…more than two-thirds of MySpace visitors are age 25 or older.”

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  1. I found this quite useful. The breakdown was quite interesting and I have not networked on Friendster and after reviewing the age group catagories it will be good for me since my target network is geared towards adults…thanks for the great info..what is your take on
    Jamie Volner

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