Verizon Wireless – enV2

I received the new Verizon Wireless LG enV2 phone about a week and a half ago to test it and see what I thought of the phone… I can say there is nothing that I don’t like about… from the large phone buttons on the exterior of the phone to the Qwerty keyboard inside… I really am impressed with this phone…

You can text message directly from the front of the phone without opening it up… you can retrieve your contacts, as well as play your music without even opening up the phone.

Verizon Wireless offers you several options to choose from like VCast Music and Videos, VZ Navigator, Email, Ringtones, Instant Messaging, Mobile IM, Ringtones, Pictures, etc.

The VZ Navigator allows you to input a location you are going to and gives you turn by turn directions. It also has listings of your favorite places such as movies and events in your area. It shows you what movies are now playing and what event venues are in your location. You can also choose to press “local searches” and it gives you things that are in your GPS location. The VZ Navigator has the capability to follow you on the map. It also gives you traffic and weather in your area, as well as at the Airport.

Verizon Wireless’s Media Center offers Music & Tones, Pictures & Video, Games, and Mobile Web. I’ve downloaded some Music onto the phone and it sounds great on the dual speakers. You can create your own playlists from the music you download. Each downloadable tune is $1.99. I’ve also downloaded some wallpaper, which you can customize. Each price is different depending on which pictures you download. You can also add the wallpaper to the external and internal display of the phone

I also downloaded some games to test out like Wheel of Fortune, Block Breaker and The Spiderwick Chronicles.. Yes, I downloaded it so my 6-year-old, Bubba, can see if he liked it. His exact words… “Mommy, Andy’s lucky, he gets the cooooliest stuff!!”

The 2.0 Megapixel camera allows you to take pictures and send them via email or text message. I’ve taken a few and the camera is not that bad. You can also purchase a seperate external memory microSD card to store your music, video clips and pictures on your phone. You can even move your music, video clips and pictures from your pc to your phone.

The phone also has BlueTooth capability which I have not had a chance to test out yet. The phone also has “mobile email” which you can add as many email accounts to the phone and check your email no matter where you are. I particularly like this feature since I have a business and have to constantly check my email no matter where I am..

I enjoyed testing out this phone… I would definitely recommend it too some who uses text messenging alot or even if they don’t… because it has a ton of features packed into it… Verizon Wireless is having a special sale on this phone through June 13, 2008. It retails for $149.99, but you receive a $50 mail in Rebate… costing you only $99 for the phone.

Yesterday I went into Verizon Wireless to upgrade my phone since my contract was expiring and I had every intention of purchasing this phone UNTIL I walked over to the row of phones and was looking at what else they had.. and I happened to pick up the LG Voyager… (think that was my first mistake… LOL) and started messing around with it… and I liked it even more than the EnV2. The LG Voyager has touch screen just like the iPhone… I’ve only “seen” what the iPhone can do, never tested it, and I was pretty impressed. Since I don’t have the service that the iPhone comes with, the LG Voyager compares to the iPhone, so I purchased it.

I have 30-days to really decide if I like the phone or not.. and if I don’t I can return and purchase something that I do like… I will test it out and see. If I’m not impressed 100%, then I will return for the Verizon Wireless Env2 because I was very much impressed with the phone.

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