erase it forever

We’ve discussed how to prepare hard disks before you:
sell your computer…
give it to someone…
or dispose of the hard drive.

Using software is the most cost effective way for most consumers to do it. But if you need to erase hard drives completely, and somewhat often, you may want to consider a degausser.

I found two that Fujitsu produce.

SEM has Magnetic Media Degaussers…one that caught my interest is the Mag EraSURE P3M for “hard disk drives and other magnetic media”.

“…the SEM Model ME-P3M…is desgined to
degauss…Hard Drives and/or Magnetic tapes…The unit is operated by a

The Mobile Mag EraSURE degausser is available, as well (and I’m unable to determine what the difference is between it and the P3M (other than style of the crank handle and the metal cover over where the media is placed).

Cost for mobile/portable versions of degaussers seem to be double and triple that over those not intended to be moved…as much as $40,000.

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