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So today I was “sifting” through my many emails that I receive in my Outlook and I came across an email called “invite” and “pogo”… I opened it up only to find out that I remember a while back that I had submitted my email for an invitation to “beta test” this new browser by AT&T. I was excited to say the least… I thought, “Will there be some competition with a new browser?” Let’s see and find out.

So, I went through the “invite” steps and downloaded the new browser. I’ll I have to say so far is “WOW!” Well, I’m obviously going to say more… but “WOW!” Just from the few minutes I spent looking around in the browser, I was quite impressed. But hey, I’m easily impressed by new technology anyway.

The browser looks similar to “Firefox” but it’s different in many ways. The first thing I like about the browser is that it has this “strip” at the bottom called, “The Dock”. On the dock you can open several different websites… you can view up to 12 but it has back and forth arrows that you can scroll through if you have more than 12 websites you are looking at one time and you can “toggle” between those sites. Right now I have the “blogger” site opened, as well as the Pogo Browser site and I am toggling between the two to get some information and then type in the blogger.

When you close the browser and open it again, the websites on “The Dock” that you previous had are not open anymore. However, you can save all the sites you were looking at by adding them to Pogo’s “Springboard”. By clicking one button, you can look at all the websites on your “springboard” and pick the one you want to visit. I remember Google having a similar feature, but cannot remember what it’s called.

Pogo has a few “3-D” features built in… one being “Bookmarking”. You can create what is called “Collections” and in these collections you can categorize your bookmarks. When you go into the bookmarking section, the different collections pop up as “3-D”. You can scroll through them with your mouse or with the up and down arrows they have on the page. For example, if you create a collection called “Technology”, you can store all the technology sites that you visit in this one collection, choose the collection and then choose which site you want to go to by double clicking on it.

The other “3-D” feature built in has to do with your browsing “History”… one button pulls up all your browsing history for the day and it’s viewed in “3-D”. You can delete certain websites you’ve visited, you can set a time period of browsing history from a certain date to a certain date. The browsing history even types out the URL of the website you visited.

I have yet to look around at some more features of the Pogo Browser, like the Pogo Fabulous Find or Pogo’s Search Player but I like what I see so far. My recommendation one the browser launches is to see for yourself what it can do and what capabilities it has. For me, I like it so far!

One downfall that I did notice is that it’s a “memory hog!” Way more than IE7. But for me, what isn’t when you have a 5-year-old computer that needs more memory! LOL. You definitely have to have over 256MB of VRAM for this browser.

And what I’m reading, the reviews on the browser have not been so great BUT to each his own. Test it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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