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I am playing around with some changes to the TechtalkRadio Site. More than anything I would like to make the site more interactive, other then switching it completely to a Word Press or Blogger Blogsite, I’m not quite sure how to achieve it. Maybe comments sections? Visitor Reviews? More Tips? I could really use some of your suggestions.

I did change up the Tech Tuesday, now called Television tab and shorten it to the 5 most recent and current video segment. I am looking for a Program that can rotate the videos out with the click of an Image and have them play in the bigger window. I read that the way I have been doing them is better for the search engines but I would just like to see the page get more hits and again, have the interactive features. Would love some input on this.

It looks like our new Engineer for the Radio Show is an avid gamer. Although he kicked my butt in Team Fortress 2 on Sunday we’ve chatted about doing the occasional review on gaming for the show. Should be fun and he already have some titles he can write about.

Carol is doing a KILLER job on the Tshirts and it looks like we’re going to be rolling on them soon. We have collected the funds to get them printed by all of the companies except for two, and we won’t out them here! Our printer is Alladin Graphics in Apparel who does awesome work. They did the TechtalkRadio Banner seen in our Ustream segments when we do them in the hot, un airconditioned studios! Can’t wait for Winter!

Catch ya tommorow

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  1. As we discussed, for the Tech Tuesday page, I think we need to find a video player that plays your Tech Tuesday videos, that also has 3 or 4 buttons on the side so that you can choose which one you would like to watch from the previous week(s).

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