share music wirelessly, BYOE (bring your own earphones)

The TechtalkRadio Product of the Week is the i2i Stream.

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The i2i Stream allows you to broadcast to other i2i Stream devices…

Each unit comes with a neck lanyard, and a belt/pocket clip. Plug an audio player into the bottom of the i2i Stream, earphones into the top, and you can broadcast what you are listening to to other i2i Stream receiving units.

Every i2i Stream can broadcast or receive music via 2.4 GHz (that is useable up to 30 feet between units). There are seven channels to broadcast with, so if there can be at least seven people broadcasting seven different types of audio in the same area.

The sound quality is like that of CD audio: 10Hz-24kHz frequency response, and a 16bit @ 48ksps Stereo bit rate.

The rechargeable batter life is 5 to 7 hours, and is charged via a USB cable.

Inside the i2i Stream Two Pack box:
2 i2i Stream units
2 12” Audio Cables
2 28” Audio Cables
2 USB Charging Cables
2 Neck Lanyards
2 Belt/Pocket Clips

An i2i Stream One Pack is in the works:
i2i Stream
12” Audio Cable
28” Audio Cable
USB Charging Cable
Neck Lanyard
Belt/Pocket Clip

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