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Late Friday night I got an email from The same “newsletter” email I get every night. In it was a casting that caught my eye, so I decided to go check it out. When I got there, I saw they were casting for the TV Series, “Hell’s Kitchen” and I thought WOW.. my hubby would be GREAT on this show… So I looked when the casting was ending and it doesn’t end for another month so I decided to sign him up!

As Andy and I were driving to Phoenix yesterday, he asked me, “Did you tell Bear you signed him up for Hell’s Kitchen on” I said, OMG! No! I forgot… So, I called him up and told him. He was super excited and started telling everyone he knows and I’m doing the same.

Since yesterday, he’s already received 80 votes and he’s in the #12 spot. He’s a great cook and I’d like to see him give Gordan Ramsey hell. (no pun intended) in “Hell’s Kitchen.

I’m blogging this on the TechtalkRadio Blog in hopes that everyone will vote for him every day!

So if you have a spare moment, vote for him at


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