protection from lightning

Dave had a lightning strike that damaged his equipment. To prevent future trouble, we discussed some considerations…

To begin at the beginning, you can consider having the grid current checked to see if the baselines are correct.

Chris called in to suggest grounding the outside service panel properly with a grounding rod. (Consult your electric service provider for information about that…)

Damage can be done by static electricity…consider creating a place where you can discharge it from your body before you touch the computer.

To regulate overvoltage and undervoltage, use an uninterruptible power supply that offers line conditioning.

There are two basic types of UPSs:
(When there is a power outage) After a millisecond lag, the Standby UPS switches to a battery.
The Online UPS has no lag.

Some of these devices have lifetime warranties, and equipment replacement guarantees. In addition, you may want to consider having an insurance policy that covers equipment.

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