USB ports and hubs

We’ve had conversations about using USB devices…

Someone in our ( chat room suggested we review “USB Hub Design and Windows”.

Per the USB Implementers Forum, the specification for cable lengths is 3 meters to 5 meters.

I have used longer cables, but only for devices that do not need to be powered by the USB port. And, I have USB devices that cannot be powered by certain computer ports because the ports do not provide enough power for the device: because of bad experiences I do not trust USB devices that use Y-cables.

When considering using powered hubs, keep in mind that what is considered to be a “compliant bus powered hub” has only four ports.

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  1. In my opinion one needs to be careful when purchasing powered usb hubs. You always get what you pay for when purchasing a hub.

    If you need a few extra usb ports inside of your computer (Desktop) I would suggest something like the Belkin PCI F5U219v1 available here.

    For your Laptop computer I would suggest something like the Belkin F5U203. This unit is completely powered by the machine it is attached to. So there is no need to carry around a messy power adaptor.

    I do suggest purchasing a powered USB hub for your laptop if you are the type of person who uses USB external hard drives that powered by USB only.


    I tend to stay away from the $5 hubs simply because they are not well constructed at all. I only purchase Belkin products when it comes to USB hubs. But thats my opinion. 8)

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