Keyboards for Blondes

A super functional and highly popular gift for the holidays.

Talking-key software popular with media and Web sites as OMG pink keyboard beats recession

The newly released, ultra-user-friendly Keyboard For Blondes(TM) is getting great reviews and a surge of orders despite sluggish holiday sales for many retailers. The buzz for the exciting keyboard keeps building, with coverage in major daily newspapers, popular Web sites and high-traffic technology blogs.

“The response has been overwhelming,” said Camilla Loveid, spokesperson for Keyboard For Blondes(TM). “The large spike in sales and the buzz that the roll-out has created proves that a fun and user-friendly keyboard with more functionality is needed in the U.S. marketplace.”

“Millions of hits on our Web site are turning into periods when we receive five to 10 orders per minute. At some points, the delivery company’s software had all it could do to handle the inflow of orders to our Web site,” Loveid added.

Playing off the overt humor of a bubble-gum pink keyboard for “anyone who has ever had a blonde moment,” the keyboard has keys that actually say things like, “Oops!” “Duhhh?!” “Yes! I want it!” “No way!!!” and “You are so smart!” The keyboard can even make a cash register ring for the dollar symbol.

The good news for text messaging enthusiasts is a series of special keys that type out “OMG,” “ALI” (Absolutely Love it!), “LOL” or “XOXO,” among others. And, finally, here is a keyboard that actually has the “any key.”

“The software and keyboard even let you tap out musical notes on the number pad,” Loveid said. “There are 64 renamed keys, plus 70 unique features in all. It’s very encouraging that even in a downturn economy people still remember how to have fun.”

With such strong Web traffic and sales, staffers at the company are suggesting that Black Friday be changed to Blonde Friday, and Cyber Monday to Uber-cool Keyboard Monday.

While people get the humor, they also see the benefit the keyboard offers to anyone who sees the computer environment as impersonal, boring or cold. Blonde, brunette, red, white or blue hair — it’s a totally functional keyboard with robust, easy-to-download software at a very affordable price.

Keyboard For Blondes(TM) and its Keynguru(TM) software is available now at

The keyboard and its unique software sell for an introductory price of $49.95, plus shipping and handling USA$9.99 (subject to change). Keyboard For Blondes(TM) is manufactured by European Trends Etc.

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