notebook/laptop cooling

In an attempt to take care, and extend the life, of my notebook computers…I ALWAYS use coolers and/or a lapdesk. (A lapdesk is a tray that sits on your lap, and a notebook computer is placed on it. Strong, sturdy ones are best.)

There are many manufacturers of these types of units…shop around. Here are a couple I feel that are worth noting…


Targus seems to have the widest selection of them.

The Targus Chill Mat for Mac has “optimally positioned dual fans deliver a cool-down right where the most heat is generated…two quietly powerful fans direct targeted cooling to Mac notebook hotspots…” (I found it’s also available at Walmart.)

The Targus Notebook Chill Mat has an on/off switch.

Since power from USB ports can vary, I prefer units like the Targus Notebook Chill Hub (AWE01US). It includes an AC adapter to power the USB 2.0 ports.


You can adjust the height of Belkin’s Laptop Cooling Lounge.

The Laptop Cooling Hub can accomodate 17-inch laptops. I found it to cost $49.99 from Belkin, $22.99 from Costco, and $19.98 from Walmart.

What I consider to be better than nothing, is Belkin’s Laptop CoolStrip: it lifts your laptop so more air can circulate under it.

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