UPDATED: getting Windows XP

Joyce called the radio show and we discussed the availability of Windows XP…

Some computer manufacturers might allow you to purchase a computer, and then purchase a version of Windows XP for that computer.

For lifecycle information on Microsoft products, see their Support Lifecycle Index page, and the Support Lifecycle Index.

On June 30, Microsoft stopped distributing Windows XP…but you might be able to get it from stores and “system builders” (until January 2009).

(I have been informed that Systemax, Seneca Data, and Cheap Guys Computers are “system builders”…)


There are reports that Windows XP Professional could be available (from “OEMs”) until May (and July) 2009. As of (2008) December 22, I have not been able to locate that information on microsoft.com.

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  1. “…Licenses will continue to be available through downgrade rights available in Volume Licensing programs after end of general availability…Microsoft is extending availability of Windows XP Home Edition for OEMs to install on Ultra Low-Cost PCs. The new OEM end date will be the later of either June 30, 2010, or one year after the general availability of the next version of Windows.”


    I have seen some copies available from http://www.amazon.com

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