DD Tests Win7beta on an old Dell Latitude D810

Just thought someone would like to know that I dropped the beta DVD I made into the drive of my 4 to 5 year old Dell Latitude D810. Booted. Ran Full install and was AT DESKTOP and running Win7beta in less than 30 mins!

Not a single driver was requested…So something MUST be busted, right?

Nope. (At least I haven’t found it yet)

Win7beta immediately went online and d/l’d the update for itself…two clicks and two minutes later I was able to join the laptop to my network domain (I’m the ITGuy at Southwest) and was crusin’ the WIRELESS system without a hitch.

Another couple of clicks and I’ve got the company’s enterprise antivirus running (not a single complaint about version issues from Trend Micro’s Officescan) and no noticable performance hit. (will check on that more during an acutal scan)

All the “comes with” programs I’ve tried so far have only barked at me a couple of times about my security habits and seems to be learning quickly when to pipe up and when to shut up! LOL But over all, not a hitch. (What’s the catch? When’s the other shoe gonna drop?)

So now I’m at my HOME…popped open the laptop…signed in. Click the wireless icon in the tray, there’s more wireless networks available then I’ve ever seen before in my neighborhood! And my secure router at the top of the list – click – passkey – internet. Bam!

I think I’ll blog about this and/or try World of Warcraft (from my portable USB drive) next! 🙂

Diamond Dave
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