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I had problems updating the software for a Logitech webcam:  it displayed error messages whenever I tried to.  So, I sent a message to their support division…
Summary: cannot update
Product Level 1: Logitech
Product Level 2: Cameras
Product Level 3: QuickCam Fusion
Operating System: Windows XP Media Center Ed
Logitech Software: QuickCam 11
Software Version: 11.0.0
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After having problems updating QuickCam software, I:
uninstalled it…
restarted my computer…
downloaded and installed the latest version (Logitech QuickCam Version 11.0.01218)…
and attempted to update the software.
On my Windows Vista computer, the latest version of the software that is installed and updated is
from Logitech Customer Support
subject cannot update
 Discussion Thread
…the latest update for your webcam is QuickCam 11.1…Do a clean installation for your QuickCam software…remove the current installation of the software first…
You can acquire the software driver QuickCam 11.1 from the following link:
It worked.
Whenever I had gone to their website to download the latest version of software available for the Logitech Fusion, the only file that was available was qc1100.exe.  After contacting support, I was given a link to qc1110.exe.  And now, in case you need it, I’m giving it to you…

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