Game On: Steelseries Gaming Mouse “WoW’s” User’s With Ultra Configurable High Res Device

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steelseries, is best known for making devices to enhance your daily experience using your computer, whether it be for work or play, such as the Z-Board (with customized ‘keysets’) & Iron Lady branded devices.

But if you are one of the 11 million plus gamers addicted to…um…I mean, who occasionally play, World of Warcraft, then you are in for a special treat.

Blizzard teamed up with steelseries to offer an officially licensed and customized WoW MMO Gaming Mouse with ALL the bells and whistles you could ever want…and then some!

The World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse was designed specifically for World of Warcraft® by Blizzard® and steelseries,” claims the websites product description. “The World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse provides remarkable benefits to all MMO gamers, regardless of level or play style. The mouse features incredible customization options to accommodate personal preferences. Seamless integration between software and hardware will provide an amazing in-game experience that provides superior performance, comfort and control. The World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse is fully scalable to meet and exceed the requirements of even the most discerning World of Warcraft® gamer.”

WoW mouse

Quick Overview

– Macros up to 160 characters
– A total of 15 programmable buttons
– Over 130 predefined commands for drag-and-drop macro creation
– 16 million illumination choices with 3 intensity and pulsation levels
– World’s first gaming mouse designed exclusively for World of Warcraft®

Once you’ve downloaded the most recent installation package from the website (a must for Windows Vista users, as instructed by a stand alone, can’t miss, post card inserted in the packaging) setting up pulsating wonder is not nearly as daunting a task as you would think it would be, as I was pleasantly surprised to discover.

The software setup interface is simple to understand, laid out simply and intuitively, and ready to reach out and download your character info from the Blizzard® authorized “WoW Armory” into one of the 10 provided customizable slots. (Note: Characters do not get picked up by the armory until they reach level 10, so if you’ve just started a toon, you can still use all the features of the MMO mouse, but you’ll need to get to work on your skill level before assigning to a slot.)


As you can see in the screen shot below, all 15 programmable buttons are clearly marked and its assigned action or function is labeled.

WoW mouse setup Each button can then be programmed by simply selecting an action from the predefined drop-down list of WoW commands, change the dpi or character profiles on the fly, or even create custom macros by just “recording” the normal keystrokes you would use in-game and assigning a set of actions to a single button.

While having 15 buttons may seem like more than you can possibly remember, especially if you have multiple characters on multiple servers, all with different actions needed to complete a task, I found that using it on my primary and secondary toons becomes easier and more intuitive the longer I play them…and frankly I find that I use about 6 or 7 button frequently and with good results.

Of course you can always use the mouse for everyday left and right clicking, scrolling the wheel to your hearts content as needed; with up to 3200 dpi resolution available to you, pinpoint accuracy is assured in any game or desktop editing program.


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