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In the latest edition of Network World (March 30-April 6), there are a couple of interesting articles…


Does a computer science degree matter anymore?

…CIOs and IT staffing firms say the skills they need most are collaboration, problem solving and communications…

…U.S. tech companies say there are still not enough computer scientists and engineers to fill all of their open jobs…tech companies and CIOs often hire computer-savvy business majors instead.

When CIOs are surveyed about the top skills they are looking for in entry-level and mid-level employees, they cite few technical skills. Instead, their top concerns are ethics, critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving and communication skills…The technical skills that are in demand – programming, database and system analysis…

“The things we need are project management experience and business process evaluation. You don’t get those from knowing the applications on your desktop…”


Top 10 technology skills

Here’s our list a list of 10 tech skills that are still in demand:
1. Business Process Modeling
“It’s about how does our business work, what are the business processes and how do we analyze them…”

2. Database
…Companies are looking for IT workers with experience in Microsoft SQL Server and the Oracle Developer Suite. They’re also willing to pay for workers with database certifications such as the Oracle DBA Administrator Certified Master and the Teradata Certified Master, Certified Application Developer and Certified Design Architect…
…database skills…among the top skills for entry-level employees…

3. Messaging/Communications
…unified communications and messaging systems, which was among the highest paying IT skills…A related skill that also ranked among the highest paying was VoIP and IP telephony.

4. IT architecture
…enterprise architects as well as system, network, application, data, information and security architects. Among the certifications rising in value are EMC Proven Professional Technology Architect, Security Certified Network Architects, Microsoft Certified Architects, SNIA Certified Architects, and the Open Group’s IT Certified Architect.

5. IT security
A slew of security certifications – including the CompTIA Security+, GIAC Security Essentials, Certified Ethical Hacker, GIAC Certified Incident Handler and Check Point Certified Security Administrator– have increased in value…

6. Project management
The Project Management Professional certification remains in demand…
…Project planning, including budgeting and scheduling, was also cited as well as project integration and management.

7. Data mining
…information on demand, content management and unstructured information management…

8. Web development
…there is still a need for developers who understand the latest Web trends, especially social media.

9. IT optimization
…virtualization and cloud computing…

…certifications from Cisco, SNIA, EMC, Brocade and Avaya.

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