Ubuntu 9 on Steriods reviewed by Gandalfdjh & Mike-Linux-NL

Ubuntu 9 on Steroids
Super OS – formerly called Super Ubuntu – is a modified version of Ubuntu 9.04.
Besides being Ubuntu, it also includes:
Ubuntu Tweak
Startup Manager
Better Internet experience with MSN, Opera, Firefox, Google Gears
Portable application available right out of the box – so to speak
Multimedia support – VLC, DVD-playback, MP3 and other codecs – improved
App Runner is included too.
System beep has been disabled
It has its own repository in addition to the official Ubuntu repository
Uses the commonly used KDE and QT libraries for easier deployment of software.
Has a live USB creator – cd2usb – To create a Live USB, just use usb-creator (already included on Super OS itself), or cd2usb (windows program: already included on the DVD)
Latest Version: 9.04
Live DVD and Install DVD (x86 – 32 bits)
ISO MD5 hash: 1aee96a429446c6d1b6337b52d249b33
ISO size: about 990 MB
Upgrading from Ubuntu (+ Kubuntu + Xubuntu) 9.04
  1. Install the Super OS repository
  2. Check for updates (type sudo apt-get update on the terminal)
  3. Install the package super-os (using synaptic or the command line: sudo apt-get install super-os )
  4. Done!
If you need help: FAQ
Download available at:
Mike-Linux-NL had the following to say about Super OS:
I am running Super OS also now, since a week, and I must say, that I really like it! Before switching to Ubuntu/gnome finally, I was using Opensuse 11.0 with kde 3.5 which I also tweaked out, so I had support for almost anything.
But on recommendation of a good friend of mine (wirelesspacket), I finally made the switch. In fact, I had to, since kde 3.5 is not included anymore in any new distro, and they will drop
support for it in a while. And I had worked with ubuntu before, so I knew what I could expect.
However, this Super OS was a good choice for me since a lot of packages were pre installed.
some of those packages were:
amsn (msn clone)
– pidgin (multi IM)
and all stuff that is mentioned in Gandalfdjh’s post.
Rythmbox allowed me to add online radio stations, and they worked straight away. On my dad’s regular ubuntu box it does not work, so this gives an example of the extra features in Super OS.
Also VLC player is very good and supports almost every media file.
For myself, I encountered a few problems, like skype. PulseAudio still does not work right on every pc. but with a little workaround I removed pulse audio, AFTER I switched everything in the sound settings to ALSA only, and disabled system sounds. After a little sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio and a reboot, I had no issues anymore with skype.
For Twitter, I installed Gwibber, which has support twitter,identica, jaiku,rss etc. very good client.
All in all the migration from opensuse kde to ubuntu gnome was not that hard. after some tweaks in themes and wallpapers and other stuff, I ended up, having this desktop, with compiz fusion support, screenlets etc.
Please check out the screen shot of Mike’s: Screen 1
Both Mike-Linux-NL and myself hope that you find Super OS an operating system that will meet your needs. We recommend that you try it!

A recommendation: upgrading from plain ubuntu still causes some issues. the best option is a fresh install. Over wubi, it will not install the Super OS packages, we tried it out – so the best solution is a fresh install – its done within 30 mins!

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