Nextar Q4-04 GPS

“…4.3 inch display…A built in speaker to the rear…A map of the 50 U.S. States is included on a 2GB SD Card which must be installed to navigate…
“…The Battery Life on the Q4-04 will give users about 2 and a half hours of use with a fully charged battery…and can be recharged fully after about 3 and a half hours. A USB cable, Wall Charger and Car charger is included…”
The only way to know the status of the charge is to turn the unit on; there is no external indicator of the status of the battery.
“…included mounting cradle which can then attach with a snap in to a rubber glass connector mounting bracket or dashboard mount disc attached to the mounting bracket…a nice mesh pouch is included to protect the unit…

“…A slide On Off switch at the back of the unit…the ability to play MP3 and WMA audio off a SD card as well as a photo slide show off an SD Card…A headphone jack…pricing at under $150…”
A stylus that slips into the body of the unit is included…but it would fall out of the unit we had.
I wish it had a “notepad” function so I could use the stylus to make notes.

One thought on “Nextar Q4-04 GPS”

  1. I have had nothing but problems with my Nextar Q4. First the screen went out within 2 weeks of purchase. I sent it back to Nextar who agreed to "waive" their $25 "shipping and handling" fee required for any warranty service. The one I got back works, but I can't select addresses from several nearby cities nor can I enter a Nxx Wxxxx address which is very common in rural areas around Milwaukee Wisconsin. A friend of mine had his screen go out after a few months, sent it back, paid his $25 for warranty service and now the screen on the replacment is going. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND!

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