TCP/IP not secure in Windows 2000 and XP

As usual, when it comes to computing, we go forward and not backward…
Over the past week I have disposed of many electronic devices because…they are old. They worked, but no longer in “supported” scenarios: with current operating systems, with current connections (parallel printer/serial ports), etcetera.
I am not surprised, and expect this attitude…until I remember that netbooks are being released with Windows XP as the operating system! And I had been seriously considering getting one…
For other computers, in regards to their hardware and software, it’s time to evaluate whether Windows Vista (or 7) will be compatible. (As well as some version of Linux…)

One thought on “TCP/IP not secure in Windows 2000 and XP”

  1. I agree that tcp/ip is not that much scure and it will create more problems when people will start using internet phone service voip tv etc. Scientists need to work more on that and sooner they do better it will be.

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