book about witty Twitter posts

I received “Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Characters or Less” from the publisher, HarperCollins. It’s “edited” by Nick Douglas and contains posts from Twitter.

Some of those posts are from celebrities: Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Cho, Stephen Fry, Rainn Wilson, Penn Jillette, Diablo Cody, Michael Ian Black, Paula Poundstone, Eugene Mirman, Russell Brand, Aziz Ansari, Lisa Lampanelli, John Hodgman, Sarah Silverman, Susan Orlean, and more. (To my surprise, I didn’t notice any from Shaquille O’Neal…)

The first “tweet” in the book got it off to a good start for me: “What’s the deal with deaf people? Like, HELLO?” (Get it? As in, “Hello…and now we begin the book”?…) After that, I thumbed through it to see if any other posts might jump-out at me. What I found is that I would rather not reveal any more quotes, because I think the book is best experienced through your own browsing.

I intend to keep it accessible and available for those times when I’m trying to kill time. It’s available in paperback. And, as an e-book (Sony, Kindle, eReader, and PDF formats). I suggest you put it in your purse, backpack, or portfolio for when you want (or need) to have something to do. The greatest thing about the book is that you can start reading it, and stop without feeling that you invested effort to either action.

Douglas (, should be working on a follow-up. With more pages.

I wish I had thought of doing this book…(heel of palm to forehead)

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