Do the Taskbar Shuffle

Sometimes I have A LOT of things running on a computer. I multitask so much, using so many programs at the same time, I have used three computers…at the same. There can be a lot open in my Windows System Tray, and on my Taskbar…
It does work as advertised. But wait! There’s more! “Tweak taskbar button grouping”, meaning that you can move and arrange what’s on you taskbar. (“And then, I heard the angels sing…”)
There are “portable” versions: versions of Taskbar Shuffle you do not install into Windows. Just copy it to a storage device (hard drive, USB drive, etcetera) and execute the program.
(“And if you act now…”)
Its’ designed for Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT/95/98. There is a 32-bit version, and a 64-bit version.
According to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website: “…when I have Taskbar Shuffle running for several days and I randomly check, its memory usage is usually under 1mb (which is VERY low)…if you ever see it using much more than 4mb and that bothers you, simply exit and restart the program…”
And, it’s free.

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