My Big Ole Cup Of Java

Andy Taylor hold a Kim Komando Coffee Mug
Andy Taylor Loves his Mug

So what do you do when Facebook decides to reboot!? Fire up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? Edit some Video shot at CES 2 years ago? Check out Digg? Spend Countless hours with Stumble Upon? All good, but I found something else!

How about a great cup of Coffee with my very own Kim Komando mug! Seriously, I have to give it to her, Kim has got the best Mugs! If you don’t have one, I will share on how I got mine, lost mine and git it back again!

I got my official Kim Komando mug when I did an interview with the Digital Goddess earlier this year at KNST. Her show airs on the station and I was the interim Morning Show Show for about 3 months while they searched for a replacement for Jim Parisi who went on to do his own radio gig without the corporate manager breathing down his neck! While looking for material for the show I thought it might be fun to have Kim Komando on to talk about the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show whic was held in January

Kim was very cool and provided some good information about the show in Las Vegas. A Couple of days after the interview I received a really nice coffee mug and personally signed letter thanking me for the interview from Kim.

Well, it’s not the mug you see here. The One Kim sent over was really very nice and with it’s Deco look caught the attention of Gloria who quickly took it over. Who am I to take a mug away from G!

Well, when I got the job at KGVY as Program Director earlier this year, I decided we need a show to run Saturday’s since we had nobody live at the station after 9am and management wouldn’t let me pay somebody to come in. I liked Steve Goddards show “Goddards Gold” which we ran on Sundays and decided that since his ’70’s Show” was available, I would pick that one up for Saturdays.

Steve Goddard is syndicated through WestStar which is owned by Kim and her husband Barry! Lucky me that I had to become a radio prize pig and ask for a new mug to replace the one that was hijacked! Now, it should be known that the show was not picked up in exchange for a Coffee Mug, its a darn good program. I cherish this mug and use it every day. Now, here is a picture of me holding Kim’s Mug, Think she will take a pic wearing our TechtalkRadio T-Shirt?

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