Friend of the Show – Zach Selwyns New CD

Photo of Pluck Your Twanger CD CoverIt’s Called Pluck Yer Twanger and I know Slick is itching to get a hold of this as well. A Repeat guest on TechtalkRadio, Zach has performed music with Zachariah and the LobosRiders, even had Fergie sing with the group when she went by the name Stacy Ferguson. While we always love to talk with Zach about his G4 Tech TV Days and Attack of The Show, we really just like talking with him. He’s talented, comes from Tucson and is very funny.

The other night on Facebook Zach sent me a note saying hey and was having a “Missing Tucson Moment” and after some chats told me about the new Album. He sent one over and I listened to it this Afternoon, it is pretty darn funny. It certainly isn’t for the young set but delivers some Songs and Skits that I found myself chuckling at frequently!

I have also learned some socially redeaming lessons in life thanks to Zach and his fellow Musicians, Never party with Johnny Knoxville, Limit the amount of Liquids cause the TSA might pop a cap, stay away from Rhianna (and that guys daughter), I could have a future in Announcing Baseball, I’m not the only one who hated dating roulette, Wash all my linens and most of all, Zach’s Album is pretty damn funny!

If you don’t mind the language and themes, check it out to order on his website at

Thanks Zach!

One thought on “Friend of the Show – Zach Selwyns New CD”

  1. (“Itching to get a hold of”…I get it. I mean…oh…you know…)

    Buy this album! Hell, buy a few copies and give them as gifts (…

    Before you play “How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card”, get a pen and notepad…you’re probably gonna wanna take some notes…

    “16 Will Get Me 20” is…educational. (Anyone know how many will 17 get ‘cha? Just askin’…)

    Not all of the album is songs: “Twatski” is the baseball play-by-play track Andy mentioned…I think you’ll get the adianoeta.

    MY FAVORITE of the album is “TSA Gangstaz”. (Check the video at

    “Liquor On The Gums” gives advice to fathers on how to put the kids to beddy-bye…for the night…all night…

    “Chris Brown Got Herpes From Rihanna” can be a great little sing-along. (I kept waiting for the word “allegedly” to appear in the lyrics…)

    “Two At Ten, Ten At Two” is a take on the whole “numbers” thing (a la the “Numbers” single Bobby Bare released in 1980). And it’s another good ole honky-tonk song…the kinda stuff I like!

    And, knowing Zach like I think I do, I don’t doubt there’s a lot of truth to “Johnny KnoXVIlle”. I imagine it could have been called “The Ballad of Johnny KnoXVIlle (and Zach Selwyn)”…

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