Actor Eric Roberts talks about the Net, Acting and Great Music

A Photo of Eric Roberts a Guest on TechtalkRadio
Eric Roberts on Tweeting, Acting and Music

I had the opportunity to talk with Actor Eric Roberts this morning about his appearance tonight in NBC’s Action Comedy “Chuck” We talked about the fun behind shooting a show like this and how it was going to be a suprise guesting to his friend Zachary Levi who is Chuck. Eric told me how the “cat got out of the bag” which seems to be harder to keep secrets these days because of the internet.

With an Actor of Eric’s talents and years of work, he has developed many passions that he is able to share with the followers on his Twitter Account, especially that of music. Eric has been in several Music Videos for artist from Akon to Mariah Carey and every one of them has been succesful. He also shared with us one of his favorite new artist musically, that of his talented stepson Keaton Simons. The website for Keaton features his music and news of upcoming events.

With the ability to use Twitter as a celebrity and share promotional events and newfound passions with the followers, the downside of the internet is the loss of privacy and the ability to have a surprise. Eric told me that you have to realize that this is the way of the world and if you don’t beleive it, your “only deceiving” yourself. Tune in and listen to segment with Actor Eric Roberts and watch for him in Tonights Episode of Chuck and the film currently in production “New York Heartbeat.”  Be sure to visit the Official Eric Roberts Website at and also listen to our chat with Eric Roberts at

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