Carry C3PO on your Back!

Andy Taylor from TechtalkRadio talked with PR manager Shane Peterman of  the website ThinkGeek.Com  about a couple of new products which are based on items with the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back theme. Fully Licensed and guaranteed to get some laughs, Shoppers at Think Geek can choose from a Wampa Rug or a C3PO Backpack.

The Wampa Rug can provide a large area to rest and stay warm inside next to a fireplace after a cold day on the Ice Planet of Hoth. In one of the press photos for the Wampa Rug, a model in a Leia looking Metal Bikini was seen lounging on the rug. It looks a lot better then lounging around on Jabba’s Gut. The Rug itself measures 62″ and 32″ wide. The Site, which is in tune with Geeks wants and Tech Needs is quick to add on the item description

“Important Note:
Unfortunately you only get the Wampa rug. Slave Leia is NOT included and we double-dare you to make any comments about how she isn’t featured until the next movie.  “

A Smart note considering the passion for accuracy from Star Wars “Experts.” 


A Photo of the C3PO Backpack
C3PO BackPack from ThinkGeek

Andy Taylor also talked with Shane about the C3PO Backpack which can be worn and used to carry netbooks, iPads and other Mobile Devices. The scene is reminiscent of Star Wars Empire Strikes Back when C3PO is found by Chewbacca before the golden droid hits the trash compactor. Chewbacca straps the Droid to his back and hilarity ensues!  Andy Taylor commented that “George Lucas is a marketing genius, but I don’t even think he imagined this as a backpack!” Fans of C3PO will be happy to know that when you’re not strapping him to your back, you can even reassemble the plush leatherette droid and sit him up to watch reruns of the Star Wars series on Cable!

Shane Peterman of ThinkGeek shared some information on the process from Thought to Sale and what some of the most recent biggest sellers have been. The question is also answered – Star Wars or Star Trek!? Listen in at

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