CorelDRAW Training with Foster Coburn

A Photo of Unleash.Com Author Foster Coburn
Foster Coburn Unleash.Com

I had the opportunity this morning to talk with Unleash.Com training guru Foster Coburn. I actually found Foster while I was looking up some information on CorelDRAW.Com for a client that owned a copy of Graphics Suite X3 and needed a question answered on file formats. While looking through the Corel site I stumbled upon some questions that were expertly answered by Coburn and thought this was somebody I wanted to have on TechtalkRadio for our Streaming OnDemand Audio files on Training and How to Use Graphics Suites.

Foster has co-authored nine best selling titles on CorelDRAW and continues to write a popular blog at his site as well as visit the CorelDRAW community and provide answers that come in and research other solutions for problems that users of the graphics suite program may be encountering. For those that enjoy the hands on approach, they will find a One to One experience with the training DVD’s. The most recent subject has been for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 and includes a PDF Publication on the DVD that can be read over and then the Video from Foster will show in Step By Step fashion the way to complete the task.

Along with the DVD series of training, the Unleash team also holds CorelDRAW Boot Camp sessions to provide the latest information to users on changes, updates, news and upcoming releases that may assist the graphics artist. Foster also shared with us some tips on using the Wacom graphics tablet and getting the most out of the extremely useful design aid. For those looking for personalized training of the graphics suites, Foster is also available for companies worldwide to instruct on getting the most out of the program.

CorelDRAW has come a long way since Version 1.0 and some features have stayed while others were eliminated to adjust the program for the changing times. With new versions comes new features that need to be learned. Listen to our Interview on the website at and for more interview with publishing companies, online and digital book authors, self publishing and training books check out

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