E-On Software Announces Finalist

It truly is amazing to see what artist are able to create whether on an easel or now on a Digital platform. E-on Software has announced the Finalist of the companies 3D Character Rendering Challenge 2010 and is showcasing the artist work on its website at
http://www.e-onsoftware.com/showcase/competition/character_2010/  The winner to the competition will be announced on October 15th

The Vue Product Line from E-On Software
Vue Product Line

To give you an idea on what the companies products can do, they have been used to create digital environments and characters in such movies as  “Avatar”, “Clash of The Titans”, “The Wolf Man”, “2012”, “GI Joe – The Rise of The Cobra”, “Terminator 4, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, to name a handful along with many TV creations such as “Battlestar Gallactica” and  “Stargate Atlantis”

E-on Software does this with it’s popular Vue series software, a new version will be arriving soon to the company. The Vue 8 product which is available now is capable of taking the artist visualization and providing the tools to create stunning worlds and natural looking 3D Scenery. The software provides full artistic control to the creator with tools for building the ecosystem and terrain. We’re excited to see who E-On Software will select for its winning entry but in the meantime, you can take a look yourself at the website listed earlier. You can also try out the software with a free trial download available on the site.  

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