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Felicia Day - Red: Werewolf Hunter

I really love my job. Actually..it’s not really a job, it is more of a passion for me. The ability to tie in my professional radio career to all this technology is rewarding.  In my professional career I have talked with the likes of Ozzy Osborne, James Stewart, Mickey Rooney and even Jerry Mathers..yes, the Beav. Today I spoke with not only somebody that works in entertainment but also I respect for her passion for technology and the spirit to take a series to the web and see it through. I am talking about Actress, Producer and Writer Felicia Day who has taken her concept TV series “The Guild” and turned it into a successful web series.

The story of “The Guild” is simple yet includes all the ingredients for the shows I enjoy, Great characters, dialog and production value. As Felicia told me, they still  shoot the episodes in her house and everybody has a good time doing them. While I really enjoyed the Bollywood Dance Video that can be seen at the Official Site http://www.watchtheguild.com .

The Season Finale for Season 4 features an appearance from Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg. The finale  not only features some great visual effects but some very funny character development. In a scene that had me laughing,  the character of  Zaboo played by Actor Sandeep Parikh and his traditional Indian Mom played by Actress Viji Nathan are playing the MMORPG game. Zaboo’s Mom is partaking in a mock wedding with the character of Vork played by Actor Jeff Lewis. At One point, she asked her son in her accent which immediately had me thinking of my Mom of Indian decent delivering the line “Zaboo…how do I hug you in this game..”  

Our real reason though for talking with Felicia Day was to highlight her upcoming film on the SyFy Network Red: Werewolf hunter. The Original Movie tells the fictional story of Virginia “Red” Sullivan, a descendant of Little Red Riding hood, who brings her fiance home to meet her family, and that is where he not only discovers they hunt werewolves but also falls prey to the bite of the Wolf.  The family, predicting the outcome of the werewolf bite demands he be destroyed and Red fights to keep him alive.  The Movie is a change from the roles that Felicia has played in the past however it is in a Genre she is familiar with. As she told me during the interview she’s dealt with Vampires in Buffy the Vampire Slayer “I have killed Zombies in Doll House and it would make sense to go after Werewolves.” The movie will premiere on SyFy October 30th at 9pm.

Listen in to our Interview with Felicia Day and find out what costume she wore for last years Halloween, her thoughts on this years BlizzCon, Comic-Con and what she has planned for 2011. http://www.techtalkradio.com/celebrities/feliciaday.html

I am hoping we see more of The Guild, be sure to take a look at the series yourself.  You can check out episodes of the Guild at http://www.watchtheguild.com and follow Felicia Day’s Blog http://feliciaday.com/blog and find out about her work on Fallout 3 New Vegas and other projects she’s involved with. Her Twitter is http://www.twitter.com/feliciaday

Check out this Scene from Red: Werewolf Hunter

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