I Spy Something That Begins With “W”

Unlike many of my Disneyland Blogs, this is NOT one of them . BUT, read on and find out what I have been pondering….

So, I was searching the Internet reading Disney Blogs, Disneyland Twitter, looking for TRON exclusive updates  and playing with my boyfriend’s new Daft Punk  inspired Android App when I came across something interesting. A website proclaiming it can track and monitor your child’s internet use including screen caps of their web pages, content filters, keystroke loggers  records of IM conversations and even live viewing of their current business on the Internet.  This website sounds pretty user friendly and parent kind.  So I begin to think to myself, ” Self,” I ask ” What would keep a spouse from using the software for purposes of catching a cheater in the relationship?” And this is when I visited the website.

I’d like to start by adding a disclaimer: I have not experienced this web program which proclaims the services to be top notch and  have viewed only the content on the website for the product.

Upon clicking the link to the site, I noticed that it proposes many uses other than the advertised version I previously explained. In fact, it seems more like a “spying” software program which is being marketed to government agencies to record and log information from workers, at Schools to record information about teachers and student’s use of the Internet, and low and behold ” Catch a Cheating Spouse” software. Now, I am sure all of these uses  are part of the same program, but how funny was it that I thought of this after looking into the program that was being marketed to parents to spy on their kids? HA!

So, the reason I chose to write this blog was simple. I , like many  in my close inner circle of Geeks and Freaks, have a moral dilemma on my hands. IF I had children, which “technically” I do not, and IF they were using the Internet would I choose to monitor them digitally without their knowledge using this program? Likewise, IF you thought you had a cheating significant other, would you do the same? I don’t think I would. So I leave you with this to ponder and respond as you have free will. Maybe someone is watching you? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

IF you want to check out the site or test the software out for yourself the Program is called Web Watcher and it’s located at

5 thoughts on “I Spy Something That Begins With “W””

  1. This is one of those subject that gets me wondering where the parents are in all of this. I know that sounds so typical but seriously, are parents learning enough about what the kids are doing online by talking to them to. It’s like parenting, you can’t just tell them once not to do something and expect them to listen right away. Guide them, spend time in front of the PC with them but most of all, LEARN THE SYSTEM.

    If you learn how the system works and what happens on the Internet, you will be able to show them the areas to make it safer. Now, cheating spouses? Thats another issue. Again, if the person online is in a relationship where they don’t trust the partner – why is the person in the relationship. Yes, I know there are signs but it all comes down to communication right?

  2. I tweeted about an Android Application that “WAS” on the Android Market Place earlier today. The app runs silent in the background and forwards sms messages to another phone. How scary is that! VERY!

    It is called SMS Secret Replicator from DLP Mobile: http://blog.dlpmobile.com/

    NY Times has reported this app has been pulled from the Android Market Place as of this evening.


    The legality of installing software that tracks and traces someones activities is always called into question. Especially when the party under surveillance is not aware they are being watched. Installing software on your child’s computer to watch over their web surfing habits. I do not see any problem with this at all. Like my parents always told me. Its my house, its my rules, and it is for your own good.


  3. Thanks for the comments and support. I agree on multiple levels. I also agree that Andy has the right idea. Parents don’t understand or take the time to learn the new technology their kids are getting into. ( I say this with caution as not ALL apply to that last statement.) However, I think back to when I was a teenager and beyond and my parents constantly nagging me about being on AOL 1.0 chat rooms back in the day., There were a mix of people all around and if I had known my parents were even capable of viewing my content, I wouldn’t have gotten into half the trouble I did; and I was an Honors Student. I guess if I were put in the situation, I would simply move the computer to a visible location and keep tabs on internet use until they were adults. That being said, once I have kids and they grow up, they will probably be teaching me to “program the VCR” so to speak.

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