Intel’s Joe Jenson on TechtalkRadio

A Photo of a Digital Sign using Intel Embedded Technology
Digital Sign using Intel Embedded Technology

Today I received a fantastic explanation of just what Embedded Computing is and how it plays into not only my life but those around me. Think of all the devices you use, or in many cases all the devices that are around you that operate everything from traffic lights to cars to medical equipment. In many scenarios, we may see these devices feature Embedded Computing and technology from Intel.

When I first heard the term Embedded Computing, I like some of you got glossed over and couldn’t imagine how this technology could affect me. Computing goes way beyond the Desktop Tower or iMac on our desktop and the Embedded Computing Group fills many of the gaps. Joe Jenson visited TechtalkRadio to talk about technology we will see in Digital Signage and how this technology will benefit not only Consumers but business owners as well. The Technology is already in use today and continued research and work in this area will get us closer to that world of “The Jetsons” then ever before.

In an explanation of Digital Signage with Intel Embedded Computing technology, users could walk up to a Digital Sign in a store and interact with the sign, learning wear the product was located visually, price match products and even try on clothes and share a photo of you in the clothes, without even stepping in a dressing room.

Listen in to our segment and also learn how the State of Arizona, TechtalkRadio’s Home State, is a viable option for Tech Companies.

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