May the Fez Be With You

Andy Taylor at TechtalkRadio has posted an interview with The Force behind Artist Jason Rodgers talked with Andy about the original idea for the e-commerce site that showcases Custom Fez Creations and how in 1990-91 it really wasn’t viable to just promote over the BBS. Several years later, the artist had not given up on the thoughts of creating his Fez designs and put them on a website he created.

A Photo of a Custom Fez from Fez-O-Rama.Com
Custom Fez Designs at Fez-O-Rama

Jason also shared hurdles and concerns when he started up the site but also ways he was able to develop using Open Source software. The idea for success lays in the fact that Jason understands that the market is not only going to come from the surrounding area but also from a worldwide audience of potential buyers. Using the Social Networking of Twitter and Facebook not only allows the marketer to connect with the potential shopper but also form friendships with like minded artist.

Whether it be a different Fez or a complete custom for your event or happening, Jason Rodgers has carved out a pretty strong following and it’s all due to his craft and to the power of the fez.  Listen in to the interview with Jason at

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