Outsourced – Interview with Actor Rizwan Manji

Photo of the Actor Rizwan Manji interviewed at TechtalkRadio
Actor Rizwan Manji as Rajiv Gidwani

Andy Taylor has posted an interview at TechtalkRadio with Actor Rizwan Manji on his role in the NBC Television Series “Outsourced” The Television series based around the 2006 Movie “Outsourced” is the story of Todd, a Manager Trainee who is told if he wants to keep his job, he must Move to India and run the Call Center for the Company he works for. Todd, played by Actor Ben Rappaport, inherits a varied group of individuals to train to take calls from the United States for orders for a Novelty Company.

Rizwan Manji plays Todds Nemisis Rajiiv who one day hopes to have Todd’s job so that he can move out of his parents place and afford a place of his own. Similar to a “Frank Burns” type character, Rajiiv has something about him that is laughable yet loveable. Andy Taylor of TechtalkRadio talked with him about working on the show and how the show itself and others that are seen on Network Television may be signaling a change for East Indian actors.

Taylor also received a tip during the segment on a good restaurant in Artesia! Tune in a listen to the interview with Rizwan Manji of Outsourced at http://www.techtalkradio.com/celebrities/manji.html

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