Photoshop Achieves One Million Fans on Facebook

Andy Taylor talked with Maria Yap of Adobe Systems on the Milestone announcement that Facebook had surpassed One Million Fans on the popular Social Networking Site Facebook. Maria is the Director of Product Management for Adobe Digital Imaging at Adobe Systems and told TechtalkRadio’s Andy Taylor ““We weren’t expecting this to happen so quickly!”  The company is still in celebration mode from it’s 20th Anniversary of the Photoshop product as well as the launch earlier this year of the latest version in its CS5 Line. Adobe also released last month the Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements latest versions.

Maria told TechtalkRadio that the company will be having some fun with the Facebook page to celebrate the fan base with giveaways, slide shows of work created with Adobe Photoshop and even more content for tips and tricks in using the powerful software. Andy noted to Maria that Adobe Photoshop has become synonymous with the idea of taking an image and “fixing” it. Often you hear in Television Shows and Movies a character will say “we’ll throw it in photoshop and they’ll never know” 

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